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Lil Bit of Love was founded in November of 2015. The name Lil Bit of Love comes from a very special foster dog that our Director, Nicole, cared for named Lil Bit. He was a 4-week old, 5-ounce Chihuahua with hydrocephalus, an  underdeveloped heart, and weak lungs. Nicole was told that he would only live for 24 hours, which she refused to accept. With lots of love and attention Lil Bit lived for three and a half wonderful weeks. He learned to walk, eat, and play before he left this world.  After his passing, the rescue Lil Bit of Love was formed to give special needs dogs the opportunity to live a life filled with love and happiness. A large percentage of the dogs that we take in are sick or injured, leaving them overlooked in the shelter. After medical care and lots of love from our wonderful fosters, the public is able to see what we saw in them all along! Although many of our dogs may have broken parts, they all have very special hearts.

In 2017 Lil Bit of Love was able to include cats and kittens in the rescue program.  We have have a full compliment of cats fosters, and have been wonderfully successful in finding these furry darlings wonderful homes.

If you love dogs and don't have the option of committing to one for years, consider fostering for LBL. We are completely foster-based, so the more fosters we have the more dogs we can help. Our Foster Application can be found under the Volunteer tab.

Of course, treating all of the medical conditions means paying tons of vet fees. Adoption fees don't begin to cover those costs, so we rely heavily on help from our fellow dog lovers and donors. If you would like to make a donation to LBL please go to our Donate tab - every cent goes directly to helping the dogs and is greatly appreciated.